Sidney Sussex College Boat Club

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Sidney Sussex College Boat Club (often referred to as just Sidney or SSBC) is the rowing club for members of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, in England. Founded in 1837, the club has spent most of its time in the 2nd division of the Lent and May Bumps, with brief times spent in the 1st division. Being a small college, the club has never had the consistency to rise to take a headship of either event, and has been as high as 6th in the Lent Bumps in 1913, and 11th in the May Bumps in 1923.



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Corpus Christi, Girton, Sidney Sussex and Wolfson College Boat Clubs, Cutter Ferry Lane, Abbey, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East of England, England, CB5 8DW, United Kingdom osm

Street address Cutter Ferry Lane
Suburb Abbey
City Cambridge
County Cambridgeshire
Region England
Postcode CB5 8DW
Country United Kingdom