Inside Hume Castle The conspicuous 'castle' towering over th…

Title Inside Hume Castle The conspicuous 'castle' towering over the countryside around the village of Hume is little more than a folly, constructed on the ruinous foundations of a 12th century castle by the Earl of Marchmont in about 1794. These walls were further restored in the 1980s and about the only relic of the original castle is the ruined foundation of the tower which can be seen behind a fence in this photograph.
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Date 18 Oct 2007 00:00:00
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55° 39′ 54.42″ N 2° 28′ 14.39″ W
55.66512 -2.47066

Hume Castle, Bow Butts, Hume, Berwickshire, Scotland, United Kingdom osm

Street address Bow Butts
County Berwickshire
Region Scotland
Country United Kingdom