Civil War Memorial, Freedom Fields - Plymouth The memorial b…

Title Civil War Memorial, Freedom Fields - Plymouth The memorial bears the following inscription: 'Upon this spot on Sunday December 3rd 1643, after hard fighting for several hours, the Roundhead Garrison of Plymouth made their final rally and routed the Cavalier Army which had surprised the Outworks and well nigh taken the town. For many years it was the custom to celebrate the anniversary of this victory long known as the “Sabbath day fight” and recorded as the “Great Deliverance” of the protracted siege successfully sustained by Troops and Townsfolk on behalf of the Parliament against the King under great hardships for more than three years.' Few who pass the memorial are aware of the reason for it being there and the part played by the citizens of the town during the momentous days of the English Civil War.
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Civil War, Queen's Gate, Lipson, Plymouth, South West England, England, United Kingdom osm

Street address Queen's Gate
Suburb Lipson
City Plymouth
County Plymouth
Region England
Country United Kingdom